The futurestroke of data is user driven

More than ever, people are aware of how their data is being used, and rightfully want to take back control. In the EU, data protection is written into law.

Datawallet gives people the power to personally control their data, by allowing them to choose who accesses it, and benefit directly when they share it.

Unmatched Data Qualitystroke

Legacy data brokers only have access to narrow slices of siloed consumer data, and use probabilistic models to match an individual’s data across platforms. This means that currently available data is both incomplete and often inaccurate.

Our data is the most robust and accurate currently available. Cross-platform, deterministically matched, and ethically sourced directly from the individual.

With Datawallet, you can gain deeper insights than ever before.

Develop Goodwill & brand truststroke

Data from legacy data brokers is often gathered without people truly understanding the details of what is taken, or what it will be used for.

With Datawallet, the gathering and use of this data is totally transparent. Using Datawallet boosts your brand’s recognition for respect for privacy, and helps restore the ownership of data to the individuals who create it.

Customer Engagementstroke

With a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects, you can supercharge your marketing campaigns, offer more tailored products and services, improve customer acquisition, and increase wallet share.

Get buy-in by compensating your Datawallet-empowered customers through a variety of means—including gift cards and loyalty points—creating a virtuous cycle of customer engagement.

Futurestroke Proof Your Data Sourcing

Datawallet helps you turn privacy and compliance into a competitive advantage, without the hassle. Datawallet is always opt-in, and every user has given their explicit consent for all data used. With Datawallet, you’ll get ahead of all expected future data regulations.

Introducing the Data Layerstroke of the Internet

The Datawallet API is the first hub for developers building AI driven applications centered around personal data. It allows developers to access the highest quality data offered by our users on the Datawallet exchange. Our RESTful API provides a developer-friendly abstraction layer above the smart-contract exchange that allows AI engineers, data scientist, and ML developers to do what they do best: build innovative data products and bring to life the next generation of the internet.

DX Insightsstroke

Through Datawallet users and our DX Insights platform, you’ll gain true insight into your customers. You’ll have access to the most accurate cross-platform data currently available. And, because it’s ethically sourced directly from the individual, you’ll build more meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with them.